Meridian House Campaign 2019

The Foundation, acting on behalf of the congregation, has seized a most unexpected and surprising opportunity to purchase the property at 6302 Meridian Ave. N. (the “Meridian House”) which sits two houses down, on the far end of the same block as the Church. This acquisition has been a goal that many members of the congregation have dreamed about and talked about for decades. The circumstances that made this acquisition possible are remarkable, if not miraculous.

Why do we need this property?
Originally, the Green Lake Church owned other property on this block but had to sell, to comply with Conference policy against indebtedness. But the congregation has long desired to re-acquire the properties on this block as a long-term strategy to help us carry out our ministries more effectively. These properties have rarely been on the market. When the Meridian House went up for sale, quick action by our Foundation and Church Boards combined with unparalleled generosity from our members – not to mention many prayers – made it possible for us to make a strong offer which was accepted.

What does this mean financially?
There are two stages to the financing of this property. The first is an immediate effort to assemble the resources necessary for a substantial down payment (and modest upgrades) so that we can realistically achieve a rent level that will cover the mortgage in the short term. The second stage is a long-term effort to own the property free and clear so that the Church has maximum flexibility to use the Meridian House in its ministries. This is literally a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to achieve something extraordinary, and it’s above and beyond our typical campaigns for major maintenance and church ministries, which our congregation so generously supports. This is unique, and we hope that all members of the congregation who in a position to participate will be excited to support this one-time special giving opportunity.

To finance this purchase in the short term, we have set a threshold goal of $400,000 in cash gifts, to be received by July 2019. This will enable us to rent out the property while working to complete our long-term financing goal -- to fully fund the purchase price of $801,000.

How can you help?
The energy from our congregation is palpable! We have received a contribution of $51,000 from the Green Lake Church budget, and Foundation Board Members have made extraordinary investments in this project, including $100,000 in a remarkable leadership gift from Don and Shirley Mehrer, and an inspiring matching fund challenge from the Foundation Board of up to $250,000. We invite those of you can, to please help us meet our immediate matching challenge, which will be the minimum required for us to qualify for a $400,000 mortgage.

Where do I give?
You can contribute to this effort by contacting a Foundation Board Member or by donating online , designating your gift for the Meridian House Fund. Timing is always an issue, and therefore we will also accept pledges if fulfilled within two years. Please consider a gift in an amount that is personally meaningful to you. The entire Foundation Board is enthusiastic in its support of this initiative, and we invite you to participate with us!

What else can you do?
Although there is an immediate need for cash gifts and pledges, we also invite you to remember the Meridian House Fund in your estate plans. If you make provisions for this in your estate plans we hope you will share this important information with the Foundation for planning purposes. Once we retire the mortgage in a timely manner, then we can begin to use the Meridian House specifically for the ministries of the church.

Thank you for your support of the Green Lake Church and the Green Lake Foundation. The incredible time, talents, and financial support of our members are what make the ministries of this congregation possible.

Please join us in considering the special contribution you can make for this unique opportunity as we work together both to meet the immediate cash needs and to fully fund this purchase in the future, making the Meridian House a place for active ministry!


The Green Lake Foundation Board of Directors

Rhona Kwiram, President & Treasurer
Alvin Kwiram, Vice President
Kenneth Walters, Secretary
Ken Case
Rosalie Contreras
Hayden Hamilton, Associate Member
Claire Knierim, ex officio
John McLarty, ex officio
Don Mehrer
George Neiswanger
Chris Oster